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We’ll it has been a thousand years since that ham dinner. And, to be honest I haven’t made a ham since. I guess I am still a little nervous.

However, I have been making some other lovely treats. Mike and I have been perfecting barbequing ribs and tri tip, we are not quite there with the brisket. Refrigerator and canned dill-jalapeno pickles have made their way into the fridge and pantry over the last few weeks. And, we are working on the perfect sauce to enter into the Great Italian Festival’s Sauce Competition in October.

During the summer of 2010, I moved back into the the office world after working from home for several years, this has taken some adjustment on my part. I have to wear real clothes to work instead of yoga pants and sweatshirts. My workmates actually have conversations with me, instead of barking, wagging and napping all day. And, I have somewhere to take baked goods instead of having them in my house! So there are lots of upsides.

Last weekend, was super cold in Reno. Well not Minnesota cold, but cold to us. It was a great day to stay in the house and bake. And, this recipe for Devil Dogs appealed to me.Devil Dogs are an East Coast treat, kind of like a Hostess Suzy Q, from what I have been told.

I have been wanting to make this cake and frosting for a while, it just looked good. It turns out it was amazing. I took some samples down into the basement for the chief taste tester and he wanted more, right away, buffet style.

Mike was mad when I told him these were going to work. He didn’t talk to me for about five minutes. Then he asked if he could have another Devil Dog, please.

The Pioneer Woman has a great step-by-step for this recipe, and I know I can’t top her. I did make one change to her frosting recipe. I substituted half low-fat milk and half and half for the milk in the recipe, since this was the closest thing to whole milk I had in the fridge. Other than that, I followed her recipe and was so happy I did. Enjoy the Devil Dogs, but they are addicting!



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