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Summer in Reno means food festivals from chicken wings and chili, to soulvaki and ribs. Plus the food truck trend has driven into town with grilled cheese, sausages and yogurt trucks popping up in parking lots across the city.

But sometimes, you don’t want to fight the crowds to ¬†find some space on the grass at Wingfield Park to see the next band, even if the Gourmelt truck is going to be there, sometimes you just want to sit in the backyard, listen to the wind in tress and enjoy a cool drink.

Thanks to Elise at Simply Recipes, today that meant a refreshing Cucumber Lime Mint Agua Fresca.

This might just be my drink of the summer. With a few small, accidental changes to Elise’s recipe. This afternoon, I grabbed the blender, chopped up two or three cucumbers, added in a good bunch of mint, about a cup to a cup and a half of fresh lime juice and about a half a cup of sugar. I blended it all with about two or three cups of water, strained it, then poured it in a pitcher and chilled it.

I will warn you, this drink is green. Green, green, almost that wheat grassy green that your friend made you drink at Mother’s Market in Costa Mesa that made you sort of gag that one time. But, she told you it was good for you, so you drank it. Even though you could hear your mother saying that bridge thing in the back of your head. But, I digress, and I promise it tastes so much better than wheat grass juice. So, don’t let the color scare you. On the plus side, you totally feel like you are drinking something healthy and good for you.

Now you might say, “Shel, I have lemons not limes.” Ok with me, use them. “I want to use Agave nectar, not sugar,” fine, rock on with the nectar or stevia or even honey. “Shel, it’s been a long day, week, year, I need something with more of a kick to deal with the fact that the air conditioning is out, my entire family is coming over for brunch in two hours and I haven’t started cleaning the house or cooking or I just need to work up the courage to bathe the dogs.” I get it, I’m there with you, throw in a shot of tequila or vodka, you are all set.

It’s a mighty nice change from a Bloody Mary or an Iced Tea, while being super refreshing.

Thanks Elise!


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